A company that is born with the objective to offer solutions to small merchants and micro entrepreneurs on the need to supply their locals or count on competitive prices, apart from a variety of products. First, WHOLWSALE from Paraguay with cash and carry format, providing a new purchase option.

FORTIS is a company of the group that has been on market since 1993 betting on the development and growth of the collaborators and Country.

INAUGURATION March 29, 2012 Inauguration of Fortis Wholesaler, a company of the Cogorno Group that is born with the objective of satisfying the needs to supply the small trades.



MARCH 29, 2012 
Inauguration of Fortis Wholesaler with a large sale space of 7,000 square meters and parking for 150 vehicles.


APRIL 06, 2013

Extension of the parking lot, from 150 to 300 places, in addition to the increase of the freight unloading area, automating the reception.

JUNE 15, 2013
Start of the distribution service, FORTIS EXPRESS, within the urban area to small and large businesses for the sale of certain products.


JULY 11, 2013
Launching of the afiliated card, a free service where the consumer can access to prices and special services by the quantity of purchasing. With great acceptance, currently thousands of consumers can count on the card, which allows us to see their way of Shopping and follow the best deals.

OCTOBER 17, 2014

 We started the logistic service where small and large businesses rely on this one, as the purpose of coordinating the delivery of their purchases. (outsourced service)


DECEMBER 05, 2014 
Extension of the hall to 14,000 square meters, evolving the variety of products to 50 thousand references with prices Wholesaler for resale.


JANUARY 07, 2015
Extension of the services in our place, counting on a food court, offering 100 seats and Fuel station.
JULY 18, 2015
Beginning of telemarketing service with service outside the urban area, where the customers  can access the wholesale purchases by phone or social networks in a more effective and practical way, following the hours of service from Monday to Saturday.

APRIL 4, 2018

Fortis Wholesaler arrives in Ciudad del Este with an ample space of 10,000 mts of sales area, and parking for 400 vehicles. Located in Km 4.5, offers a new shopping concept.

FEBRUARY 16, 2018 

The Start of FORTIS MOBILE APP service, a modern catalog of products at your fingertips, where you can select the products and be serviced by our Telemarketing system.


Date of inauguration planned for Concepción.

We will keeping updating and offering improvements in our services to the benefit of thousands of consumers (small and large merchants) who welcome us daily with their visit. We appreciate the support and dedication of all employees who are part of this great family, friends and suppliers of FORTIS: NOBODY SELLS CHEAPER